September 1, 2011

Women are still dying and being maimed from unsafe abortion all over the world. Thailand and other developing countries are still the main contributors to women's suffering from this easily treated disease.

From the success of the first congress on women's health and unsafe abortion ,held in Bangkok in January 2010 and ended with the Bangkok Declaration, we think that the  issue of unsafe abortion need further discussion , hence this second congress on this sensitive subject.

We invite you to attend, exchange and share  your valuable experience  at this second congress on women's health and unsafe abortion, to be held January 23-25 2013 in Bangkok once again.

Bangkok in January offers a mildly cool climate, a time to relax after hectic celebrations at the end of previous year.

Women's health and reproductive rights foundation and our network therefore invite you to come to Bangkok, the city of Angels, to share and exchange knowledge, celebrate success on the issue of women's health and unsafe abortion. Much is still to be done before women of the world can exert their rights to access quality reproductive health service .

So come and join with us in January 2013 in Bangkok, to renew old acquaintances and meet new friends in our global commitment to rid this scourge to women's health , the unsafe abortion.


Sawadee krub

Kamheang chaturachinda

President, Women's Health and Reproductive Rights Foundation of Thailand (WHRRF)
President, IWAC2013