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• Late Registration : October 16 - December 31, 2009

Welcome Note from Chair of Congress Advisory Committee

July 4, 2008

Dear Colleagues

       I am delighted to encourage and welcome the attendees to the vitally important Asian Congress on Women's Health and Unsafe Abortion. This is truly a Congress of incredible importance to the health of women throughout Thailand, Asia as well as elsewhere. I am sure that you and your colleagues will do an outstanding job. I am truly sorry that I cannot be there, but I will be there in spirit. I'm very proud of the great work you, Prof. Kamheang Chaturachinda and Khun Mechai Viravaidya and others are doing on this critically important set of issues! The people who attend will benefit greatly.

       Warm regards,


       Prof. Allan Rosenfield, MD
       Dean Emeritus, Mailman School of Public Health
       Columbia University


Welcome Note from Congress Chair

December 3, 2008

Dear Participants,

       Unsafe abortion is still a thorn in women’s health in many areas of the world. Death and debility from this preventable disease still exist in many parts of the world, Asia and Thailand is no exception. Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights Foundation of Thailand in cooperation with The Royal Thai College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Department of Health. Ministry of Public Health feels that there needs to be an international platform for topics related to Women’s Health and Unsafe Abortion to be scientifically and openly discussed. There are many aspects of this topic that the health care providers of Women’s Health and other concerned agencies can share and advocate together. The platform for this is the First International congress on Women’s Health and Unsafe Abortion, January 20-23, 2010.

       Bangkok is a vast cosmopolitan city with many attractions, especially in the cooler month of January. Thailand also has many tourist attractions ranging from the mountainous North to the beautiful stretches of empty beaches to the East and the South of Bangkok, where PHUKET, the famous Pearl of Andaman is located.

       Therefore we would take this opportunity to invite all of you and your loved ones to visit Bangkok and Thailand to share your scientific knowledge with those who cared about Women’s Health, meet old friends and at the same time enjoy the attractions that Thailand has to offer our guests.

       So come and join us and enjoy …………….


       Kamheang Chaturachinda
       MB.ChB (St.Andrews), FRCOG, FRTCOG, FRANZCOG (Hon.)
       President Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights Foundation of        Thailand


A Statement from Prof.Philip D. Darney for the IWAC2010

       Many of us attending this meeting are here because of the profound influence Allan Rosenfield had on our lives and work. I first met Allan in Bangkok in 1972 and depended on him for advice and inspiration and laughs until his death 38 years later. Here in the country he loved as a second homeland let us all reflect on the enthusiasm, wisdom and passion Allan would have brought to this gathering and pass them on to the generation who won't have the privilege of knowing him.

       Philip D. Darney, MD, MSc
       Professor and Chief
       Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
       San Francisco General Hospital - 6D14
       University of California, San Francisco


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